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GPS Tracker for person , car , bicycle

GPS Tracker for person , car , bicycle

Artikelnummer: 41414
€69.95  €69.95

Product Description

Our Trackitt Protect device is the latest LIVE GPS tracker which directly shows the GPS positions of the tracker on a mobile APP or Portal.

How does the Live GPS Tracking System work:
The LIVE Trackitt Protect delivered by us comes with a SIM card and is immediately ready for use. So without difficult settings, without a subscription and without any extra operating costs outside of the call credit. Other GPS tracking systems usually come with a subscription, with this Live GPS tracking system you have no extra costs at all. You only pay for the use of the SIM card from the tracker for your calling credit.

Operation throughout Europe
The GPS Tracker works throughout Europe without additional charge. This means that you have coverage in the following countries: Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Iceland, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Austria , Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain, Czech Republic, United Kingdom, Sweden and Switzerland.
SOS alarm in the event of an emergency!
In the event of an emergency situation, the SOS button is pressed for 3 seconds in front of the Trackitt Protect GPS tracker. Now a direct message is sent to the connected user with the current location and the name of the user. This means that when you give the Trackitt Protect to your child, you are immediately informed when he / she feels uncomfortable and wants to be contacted.
Start a telephone conversation
If you want to make contact with the support of the Trackitt Protect, then this is possible. If, for example, someone is in an unpleasant situation and has pressed the SOS button, you can use the app to call the Trackitt Protect GPS tracker, which will ring and the carrier will pick up. Also easy if your child does not have a mobile phone yet and you need it. You call a European mobile number, these costs do not include the prepaid credit.

View live GPS positions:
You carry the GPS tracker with you or place the GPS tracker in your car, when moving, the object can then be followed live. If you then travel a distance from Breda to Paris, you can see in real-time which speed and which route has been taken.

View GPS position history:
Besides live tracking it is also possible to see the history of your the project. You can then see where and for how long the vehicle has stopped. Because the GPS live tracking system automatically forwards a location when moving, you can see exactly which route you have taken.

Would you like to view the demo of our portal on which our Trackitt Protect LIVE can be viewed?
Click here on DEMO:

Plug and play, you can use your GPS tracker right away
Route history and stop positions of the tracker view until 13 months back.
Accurate kilometer registration
Free access to the Tracking Portal & App
Very suitable for fleet management.
Can be used throughout Europe without additional costs.

GNSS Receiver Type: 72-channel u-blox All-In-One GNSS reciever
Batterylife: 7 Days Up To 14 Days.
Dimensions: 68.5mm * 38.5mm * 23.5mm
Weight: 60g
Operating Temperature: -20 ~ + 52 ° C
IP Rating: IPX5 Compliant
Operating Voltage: 5V DC
Rechargeable Battery: LI-PO (1300mAh)
GPS Antenna: Internal
GSM Antenna: Internal

You receive the first month for free, after which you can top up free of charge for extra months Unlimited GPS Tracking Prepaid Credit for:

€ 4.95 per month
€ 14.95 for 3 months.
€ 29.95 for 6 months.
€ 54.95 for 12 months.
You are not bound by a contract.

You do not have to do this immediately after the first month, for example you can also choose not to use the GPS Tracker for 3 months and then to upgrade it for 1 month.

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GPS Tracker for person , car , bicycle [41414]

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