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Anti Tap GSM Scrambler

Anti Tap GSM Scrambler

Artikelnummer: 40422

Product Description

The GSM scrambler voice encryptor keeps your mobile phone conversations between two parties safe. The GSM scrambler coice encryptor converts human voices into non-interpretable analog noises and transmits the scrambled noises over the unsecured telephone network in Internet and then converts back to human voices on the other end of the line by MDP2 ASIC chip embedded within the wired telephone recorder, mobile phone, bluetooth headset, heads-free set or attached to various types of voice communication devices.

You can protect your privacy on the phone over the unsecured public telephone lines or internet. Your confidential information and valuable intellectual properties should not be exposed to ever-present dangers of wiretapping or eavesdropping attacked that are always around us and must be protected safely by this advanced technology. 

Easy to use! 
Just connect your the GSM scrambler voice encryptor in the mic jack of your cell phone and use it for communication! (Two needed on for each end of the conversation)

You can use this for allmost everyphone, like:

Package Contents:
1x GSM Scrambler
Mobile phone connecting cable
User manual


Anti Tap GSM Scrambler [40422]

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