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Wireless security IP camera 360° indoor (CAM350)

Wireless security IP camera 360° indoor (CAM350)

Artikelnummer: 41367

Product Description

The viewing angle of the SEC24 indoor IP camera with CAM350 360° lens, ensures that you can view a complete room in your home (or company) with a single camera. The camera also contains built-in infrared LEDs (for night vision) to generate clear images in the dark. An additional feature is the inclusion of a loudspeaker and a microphone, which allow you to hear what is happening and even to speak to visitors (including unwanted ones) or your pet, for example. The camera can be set up for it to only record when motion is detected. A Micro SD card with a maximum capacity of 128Gb must be placed in the camera for this purpose, which is not included.

Advantages of the SEC24 IP camera with 360° lens for indoor use:

Watch live during the day and night
The camera (with a 360° lens) ensures that you can always see what is happening in your home or business. The images are HD quality (960P) and can be viewed through your smartphone or tablet. The camera is fitted with 5 infrared LEDs, to ensure that you always have clear images available (with a reach of up to 10 metres), even when it is dark.

Listen in and talk back
In addition to images, the system feeds sound through a built-in microphone, so that you can also hear anything what is going on or what is said by unwelcome visitors. The camera also features a loudspeaker, which makes it suitable for 2-way communication. This allows you to listen and speak.

Ceiling mount
When you attach the camera to the ceiling (in the middle of the room, office or showroom), you can view the entire room. If a power point is not available near the ceiling, the camera can also easily be attached to a wall. Select in the "VR-cam" app (see below for more for information) that the camera is attached to a wall, so that the image is automatically corrected on your smartphone or tablet. Images can also be displayed in quad view.

Remote control
The surveillance camera is equipped with a 360° viewing angle lens, which allows you to easily change the position of the image by sliding your fingers over the image. This allows you to monitor an entire room with only one camera.

Notifications on your smartphone or tablet
Receive immediate notification when motion is detected in the field of view of the camera. This notification can be set on multiple devices, and it is also to disable via the app.

Recording motion
The camera is equipped with software that ensures that the images are automatically recorded on an installed micro SD card when motion is detected. Please note: This micro SD card is not included as standard, but a Class 10 micro SD card of up to 128Gb can be used.

Reliable and safe
What your camera registers is naturally only meant for your eyes, which is why you are obliged to change the default password upon initial installation. This is done to ensure that people with less honourable intentions cannot directly access your camera. Furthermore, all data is stored on European servers that are secured in accordance with 2018 European standards.

No extra costs
All camera functions are available for immediate use, without any additional costs. This means there is no subscription fee for specific functions.

Easy to install
The IP camera is quick and easy to install. Connect the camera to the supplied adapter, then download the "VR CAM" app and follow the steps as described in the manual.

Multiple cameras
Easily add multiple cameras through the VR CAM app. This allows you to view the indoor camera (CAM180) and the outdoor version (CAM360) in the same app, in addition to the CAM350 360° camera. 

The camera can be directly connected to your wireless network to allow for simple installation anywhere, without having to install a network cable.

The VR CAM app is free to download for Android and iOS. This app is readily available in the Google Play Store and the App Store. Search for "VR CAM" to download the app.

All Sec24 products come standard with a two-year manufacturer's warranty.


Wireless security IP camera 360° indoor (CAM350) [41367]

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