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Radio Clock Spy Camera

Radio Clock Spy Camera

Artikelnummer: 41207

Product Description

This is the ultimate spy camera HD 720P. Portable, battery operated, self contained, with all the best features like motion activation battery operation and totally self contained.

The Ultimate Spy Camera It looks like a radio clock but is it? The Ultimate Spy Camera is an all-inclusive self contained recording device in a simple radio clock. The enclosed DVR and camera become invisible as the plain black case blends into any background. This is the best spy camera we have seen.

Inside this ordinary looking radio clock is actually a motion activated camera, with a recording system using a SD card for Memory, The Ultimate Spy Camera can go anywhere and record everything without attracting any attention. Just Set the radio clock in your desired location and begin recording. Set it up and walk away. It is so completely bland you can set it anywhere.

The Ultimate Spy Camera has a built-in CMOS camera HD 720P that has a low lux rating with a 75° view and a rechargeable Li-polymer battery that will power the device for approx 100 hours standby. With its easy to operate on screen menu and functional LED indicators, operating this The Sleuth Gear™ Ultimate Spy Camera is a breeze.

Now you can use the radio clock indoors and out. With the new included bracket and the updated case the ultimate spy camera just got better.

We listened when our customers asked for more usability and made the camera adjustable so you now can lay the box flat or hang it on a wall. This hidden camera and recorder has all the best features. The radio clock now uses a Micro SD card up to 32 GB.

HD 720P video recording
Ideal for covert surveillance, includes remote operation
Automatic Heat Sensor motion detection powers DVR
Extra long battery life in heat sensor mode
8 hours of continuous record time
700 hours of standby time
High resolution playback up to 30 frames per second
Infrared camera can capture action in very low light
Time/Date stamp on video recording
Micro SD card capacity up to 32GB
Playback on secure proprietary software
Playback with A/V out

Image Sensor: 1/4 Cmos lens
HD resolution 1280*720 @30fps
Recording Mode: Motion, Continuous
Micro SD card up to 32GB
Time and Date Stamp: Yes
Nightvison: Yes
A/V Out: Yes
Mic: Yes

Package Contents:
Radio clock camera  
AV output cable
Li-polymer battery
Power adapter
Remote Control
User Manual


Radio Clock Spy Camera [41207]

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