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Spy Cam Blackbox with WIFI IP

Spy Cam Blackbox with WIFI IP

Artikelnummer: 41405

Product Description

The blackbox camera Ip / Wi-Fi is a stand-alone camera that can work with both the supplied adapter and the rechargeable battery. The Blackbox camera has an SD card slot where an SD card up to 64 GB is placed (not included) and the images can be recorded further from travel. The Blackbox camera also has an IP / Wi-Fi module that directly connects via Wi-Fi to the Blackbox IP / Wi-Fi camera, but also from a different location the images can be viewed with.

How does the Blackbox camera IP / wifi work:
The IP blackbox camera has a micro SD card slot where up to a 64 GB SD card (not included) can be placed. The images will remain on this SD card from being recorded on motion. Then download in the manual APP on your Android or iOS phone. When you switch on the Blackbox camera now, it will create a new Wi-Fi network. You can then connect directly to that Wi-Fi network in your phone. Then opens the app and now connects directly to the IP blackbox camera. You can now log in and connect the IP Blackbox to the Wi-Fi network in the room. You need it here. Blackbox camera of distance wishes to approach. The moment the IP Blackbox has a successful connection with the available Wi-Fi network, it is possible to directly view the live images and download the closed images via your iOS or Android smartphone from another location.

8 hours of operation IP Blackbox on battery:
The IP Blackbox camera has a rechargeable li-ion battery with which up to 8 hours can be filmed. It is possible to connect the IP Blackbox with the supplied adapter for continuous filming.

64 GB SD card support IP Blackbox camera:
The IP blackbox camera supports up to 64 GB of SD card. It can be filmed depending on the resolution of 60 hours. SD cards for this IP blackbox camera can be ordered with the TAB accessories.

Motion detection & Push notification IP Blackbox camera:
The IP blackbox camera can be set so that only when there is movement is included. Furthermore, this IP blackbox camera can give a push notification to your smartphone when movement has been detected and you will be recorded on this push notification video immediately.

IP blackbox camera features: - 1280 x 720 pixels 720P HD recording - 160 degree viewing angle - Up to 8 hours of recording on internal rechargeable battery - 3500 maH 3.7v li-ion battery - 350mA power consumption - 1.3V / lux-sec sensor sensitivity - Up to 64 GB of SD card support - 1 GB of hours of video - MP4 video format - USB connection - 75 x 58 x 30 mm   Package contents: 1 x IP blackbox camera 1 x USB cable 1 x Adapter 1 x Manual No micro SD card.


Spy Cam Blackbox with WIFI IP [41405]

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