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UHF GSM Wireless Camera Detector

UHF GSM Wireless Camera Detector

Artikelnummer: 40417

Product Description

The Protect 1203 reveals a variety of devices output of information, including portable, room, phone and car transmitters. To display the information the device has a level indicator light and vibrate for covert search. In this case, the detector is located in an inner pocket and, when approaching a person or to some place of the vibrator is activated, it indicates the possible use of illegal eavesdropping devices. The detector can detect the presence of the interlocutor of the mobile phone. Belong to the category of legal means of communication, mobile phone, however, can be used as a device for data acquisition. It's enough to come to the meeting enabled mobile phone and confidential information will be easily listened to by third parties or recorded on an answering machine. The detector is very easy to use. You push the antenna, turn on the power and outside the test set the desired sensitivity. Then you go into the room where the checks and methodically begin to explore the room, watching the light display. If you are unable to constantly monitor display, you can rely on the built-in vibrator. The housing of this detector is made of durable duralumin alloy, which protects the device from damage caused by falling, poor environmental conditions, etc.The detector works with batteries or AAA batteries. Alkaline batteries provide continuous operation for 10 hours. After the discharge power supply you can easily replace them, using a special screw on the bottom panel.

Reliable and tested device for different sweeping tasks
10-segment indicator of RF level
Vibrating signal for concealed indication of a high RF level
Adjustable sensitivity
Telescopic antenna
Frequency range – 10-3600MHz
Durable duralumin case
Powered by 2 AAA batteries
High sensitivity

Frequency response 10-3600MHz
Power source 2xAAA
Dimensions 120x60x15 mm (without antenna)
Current consumption 65-145mA
Time of continuous work – up to 10 hours


UHF GSM Wireless Camera Detector [40417]

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